Tuesday, 21 October 2014

What path to follow?

Although I hadn't blogged for very long, I found myself losing direction of where I was going with it, I was just shopping more or planning things that involved new things to blog about. This wasn't how my blog was meant to be, so I took the time to focus my energy on other things in my life.

I started a part time job, Moved home, Also a much loved relative of mine passed away. I guess I stopped feeling the need to blog until I had more free time and energy.

Although I dream to work for myself one day, Blogging is currently a hobby, a creative outlet which I do not earn from, so I took a break. Truly missing it and taking pictures all the time for when I decided to take it up again, well, my camera roll on my phone is full, so I have started to Blog again. I hope anything I now write about will be informative and inspiring to others, to help people see that we can live a more simple enjoyable life, being frugal and making wiser choices with our hard earned money.

It's lovely to see my small blog had so many visitors in the long time I was away. So thank you everyone who's visited. You have inspired me to continue and keep writing.

I have also started renting an allotment with my family within the past 2 weeks. So I will be starting a sister blog for this as a way to keep track of our progress, also for other beginners like ourselves to share information and help each other, as we truly are just researching our way through this journey.

I'll add a link when the blog is up and growing.

Take care and thanks for reading.

Beginners allotment digging, Preparing allotment for growing own food. Save money growing own food.