Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Leather Satchel Company Review

Do you need a beautiful quality bag that goes with all of your outfits? Well, I've found it.

A 14" London tan leather satchel, it's perfect, made from such a luxurious smelling leather that even my dog came over from the other side of the garden just to get a better sniff.

The Leather Satchel Company london tan 14 inch with Yorkshire terrier Lottie under Table classic vintage style fashion

I'm currently a SAHM and I normally wouldn't spend this much money on a handbag, however I have now come to the conclusion that you get what you pay for. A leather handbag well looked after will wear lovely and outlive all of my synthetic bags.

It was my birthday this month, so I decided to go for it, I bought myself this fantastic classic vintage style satchel with my birthday money. 
A massive thank you to all my family for contributing, it is greatly appreciated.

The leather satchel company is British and has been running since 1966. I had read several reviews claiming this company made their satchels to an excellent standard, so this is the main reason I purchased from them.
Buying directly from their website makes them cheaper, but also fully customisable. You can choose from their range of colours and also add extra details such as magnetic buckle clasps. Other extras could be adding a shoulder pad and getting your name or initials embossed on the front to give it even more of a personalised look.

The leather satchel company also offers a 5 year craftsmanship guarantee, so don't forget to register your satchel.

I am on a mission to find my capsule wardrobe items and I feel this satchel is an essential. It's such a classic design so can be kept for years to come.  it has a flawless finish and this leather will age well.
After doing the grocery shopping yesterday, it was pouring down with rain and I was so worried my new bag would get water spots on it.  to my surprise it wiped straight off and it looked as perfect as when I first pulled it from its packaging.

overall I am very impressed with the high quality and standard of this satchel, I have been searching eBay and vintage stores in Bath for a long time now, I almost gave up hope of finding one.

I have an old tan leather belt that I 'borrowed' long term from my mum, I think it's actually older than me.
with the mark of quality embossed on the inside of this beauty, I just get the feeling that if well looked after it will last for a very long time, just like that belt.
Who knows, If I ever have a daughter, maybe this is what she will be stealing from me in years to come.


Have you got a satchel?  Don't forget to leave a comment with what colour you have and where yours is from. Also I especially love the customised ones, so if you have designed your own, please leave a link to your blog so I can see yours too.

Check out The Leather Satchel Company

I am not affiliated with any company and bought this satchel with my own money, these are my own opinions on the product.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Celeb inspired fuller eyebrows

Looking through the magazines I always notice the celebs have one thing in common, Beautiful brows.

I really love defined arched eyebrows, they seem to make my eyes pop more and also complete my look. I have been using Sleek brow kit to achieve this look, it’s an excellent product that come in 4 different shades; Light, Dark, Extra Dark and Black, I’ve been using the dark version. It’s a great size to carry around, comes with 2 brushes and mini tweezers, the angled brush is great for getting the sharp point on the brow. The product lasts such a long time, and at £8.50 it’s such a bargain.

CLICK HERE for link to Sleek Brow kit

I personally find it’s a great copy of Benefit Brow Zings, which comes in 3 shades, light, medium and dark and costs £22.50

Sleek is sold in some larger Superdrug stores, so if it’s not in your local shop, you can look on their website by clicking the link above.

After using Sleek Brow Kit


Before using brow kit
Sleek Brow Kit in dark PHOTO SOURCE


DIY beauty and perfume shelf

Need more storage space?

Clearing out the loft I came across an old shelf, this was great as I needed more storage, especially as my beauty products were taking over the top of my chest of drawers.
But in my eyes, it was not seen as an ordinary shelf, it was the starting point for my new beauty project. I like to think of myself as a creative person, always being inspired by the simple things in life, below are some pictures of my finished DIY beauty / perfume shelf.
It took me about a day to make, as I could not find the chuck key to adjust the drill bits and it only had a masonry one in, also I had to wait for the paint to dry too.

I wanted to customise the shelf space to fit certain products on it, so this was a great way to do that, I drew it roughly on the backing board to use as a template, then got measuring, toned up my arms with the saw action, then used some long wood screws to secure the frame together.

Using small sample sized pots from B&Q I painted the frame gold, then a soft creamy colour on the front edges.
I also got a sample piece of wallpaper from B&Q and stuck this to the backing board, then used some small tack nails to keep it in place.
I wanted it mounted to the wall, so I put some brackets on the back.
Then finally got to use the drill, I marked where it would go, drilled the holes and put some wall plugs in, and then with the last 2 screws, up it went.
So I hope you like it, and if your inspired feel free to use my idea, but remember if you aren’t familiar with DIY projects that include using a saw and drill, ask someone else who does for help, as I don’t want you guys hurting yourself.

What’s on my beauty shelf?

I’ll quickly run over what’s on my beauty shelf:

Prada Candy Perfume 50ml

My favourite mac lipsticks

Soap and glory Mist you madly body spray 250ml

Coconut oil for longer healthier glossy hair

I am using coconut oil for my hair. It’s excellent for keeping the ends of your hair hydrated and keeps split ends at bay. I just scoop up a small amount onto the back of my nail as it is in solid form, then melt in my hands, and apply to the ends of my hair. I always start with a small amount as too much can give a slightly greasy look. As you can see in my close up picture, I have no split ends, and it's been just over 2 months since I have had my hair cut, I would normally have a few by now.

I also use this as a weekly treatment by applying to my hair, leaving it on overnight and washing it off in the morning. I apply it from by the ears downwards, and always make sure it’s shampooed out.
I bought this from Holland and Barrett for £14.99 in the penny sale, so got 2 for £15.