A little bit about the writer/ photographer/ creative genius of
Lavender Shines Blog

I mum to one super smiley handsome baby boy. I  love to be creative and thrifty. I enjoy reading & researching, also sharing my findings with anyone that will listen/read.  (You lovely people) 

To be creative, inspire & achieve. 

That is why I started this lifestyle blog. It will cover many topics that I find interesting like hair and beauty, fashion, tips on budgeting, being creative and my general path in motherhood. 
Why? Because we all need some guidance and inspiration at some point  in our life. 
Besides, I was always taught to share. 

I'm mid twenties, live in the UK and have a strong West Country accent, so it's probably best you read what I have to say rather than listen. You certainly won't catch me in a you tube Vlog that's for sure. 

I hope you enjoy reading my posts on here, and find some useful information alongside my rambling on.  If you find something that sparks your interest please feel free to leave comments and links to your Blog.

Oh yeah,



X x 

( cuz Lavender Shines not my name) 
There's a bit of my true accent for you.

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