Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Progress on my Elisalex

Although I haven't been posting on here much, I have been getting up to a lot at home away from my laptop.

I have finally made some progress on my Elisalex dress.

It's been a long week of muslins and changing my mind on the skirt way too much, I have been documenting as I go:

Measuring up at a UK 14 in the Waist and a 16 for the bodice, I started by making a muslin for the top half and after being pinned in by my partner, I realised I didn't have the 'Perky McKnockers look' and needed to go down a size with the full bust adjustment. So this was next on the hit list, I put it off for a couple of days because it looked confusing and as I'm a beginner it was a scary thought.
As soon as I sat down and read through the tutorial, it all started to make sense, and I'm really glad I took the time to read it as it's a brilliant skill to learn.

This was also one of the main reasons I wanted to learn to sew, finding a dress that would fit around my bust and waist correctly was rare, the FBA tutorial really breaks it down and teaches you how to adjust the pattern easily and gives you more confidence.

I also treated myself to a Prym sew and knit gauge to help me measure hems and seam allowances. It's a handy little tool which will help me alot. Please excuse my weight, it's a takeaway pot with some ceramic balls in. It does the job, but think I will be making some tins with dry beans in as an alternative.

Amy from SewsnBows helped me decide on Mustard as I wanted more of a neutral colour, which was greatly appreciated as I just couldn't decide. Thanks Amy :)

Check out my 'How to make mustard with Dylon Fabric Dyes'

Finally deciding on a colour, I went to get the supplies and started to get creative. I hadn't chosen what skirt shape I wanted so thought I would do that at a later time, then after dying my fabric for the bodice, I realised I wouldn't be able to make the exact match again (Major oops).
So I have had to find fabrics that might go with it.

I think this Emmie Fabric from Ikea matches well, but wanted to make the dress for winter time so I think I will make a dress with this pretty floral number in the spring. What do you think?
Hmmmm, Still what skirt to have? I used By Hand London's skirt tutorial to make a full circle template.

 Part of me really wants to make the original design, but not sure if I'm confident to pull it off. I have decided to use black with my bodice because I have loads left over from my Charlotte skirt.

Here's a very minimal sneak peak:
Don't forget to Check back soon to see the finished dress, what skirt do you think it will be?
Have you made the Elisalex?
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