Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Classic Style on a Budget... Inspired by Pearls

We all know some things are timeless, classic and very feminine. To me and most other women, Pearls fall under this category.

For many years our Style Icons have been seen wearing pearls, take Audrey Hepburn, need I say more?

I am on a journey, transitioning my style into classic and feminine, my aim is to slowly build my capsule wardrobe with key accessories and co-ordinating outfits, yet still keeping some patterned and beautiful colours that show my personality.
Most importantly, on a budget I can afford, hence the need to 'slowly' transition. Lets face it, if I had the money, I would have done it by now.

So I thought I would Share with you my Pearls, which you can see me wearing in my Completed Elisalex Post.

I Got them last Christmas and they are lasting far better than I thought they would.
For the price they are perfect, ideal for anyone, like myself, looking for classic style and beauty on a budget.

Argos 9ct Gold Fresh Water Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings
£16.99 211/9504
CURRENTLY £12.99 (Correct at time of posting)

In all honesty, Argos need to get better photographs because these do not do them justice at all. Also the ones in the video look silver, So not sure what product they are showing there. (Black background screen shot)
Again, you can see them being worn HERE.
They are the perfect small size, look very elegant and are an expensive creamy looking colour, unlike some cheaper pearls I came across.
They are currently on offer and I think I'm going to snap up another pair at this ridiculously low price.

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