Friday, 16 August 2013

Baby teething troubles?

Is your baby teething?

If you have read my About me page, you will know I have a wonderful little boy.
I feel truly blessed to have him in my life, here he is in the photograph above.
.....Dribbling away.... Teething.
(Photo taken by my brother, I always love his photography. He's currently on holiday, as soon as he's back he's going to teach me how to use my camera more effectively, so you'll hopefully see an improvement in my photographs. For now you will just have to put up with my Iphone snaps, Sorry.)
Well, if your a mum and reading this, you'll know teething isn't an enjoyable time. It can turn the happiest baby into a grizzly bear, so I thought I'd share my little boys favourite teething toy with you:
The Nuby BugaLoop
Click HERE for photo source and site
It's a brilliant product, I feel it really helps him as it is flexible and the beads/bugs have different textures. It's also very easy to hold.
He really enjoys having a good chomp on this, I think it has been the best teething toy I have purchased for him, at roughly £4 from Tesco it's worth every penny.
I have recommended this toy to several of my friends, so thought I would share this one with you too.
Hat: H&M

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