Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Flo Jo Boutique Bristol

Do you always fall in between sizes?

I always find myself taking the maximum amount of garments allowed into the fitting room, just to hand it all back to an unimpressed lady that has to hang it all back up.
I've decided to do something about it.....Learn to sew my own clothes.
Yes, I'd class myself as a beginner, I have made a dress before, it was a while back, for an art project so I didn't have to fit it and it didn't matter if the hem wasn't straight.

I have this image in my head of gorgeous fitted couture style dresses that I'm going to make for myself. I know in reality I'm going to have to start at the beginning and take it slow.

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Searching online I found this fantastic vintage style Boutique near me.
It's called Flo - Jo Boutique, a beautiful shop on Gloucester road that sells wonderful fabrics and patterns, they also have sewing classes available.
I may attend one, but for now, I bought a hand made knicker kit and a few little extras to get me started and build my confidence with the sewing machine.
Might I add the lady serving me was so friendly and helpful, I told her I was a beginner and she assured me if I need any help I could always call or pop back in.
I just adore that in a shop, excellent customer service is always a must for me when I am shopping, and they certainly ticked that box.

Have you been to this gem of a shop? Let me know below if you have, along with any links to posts on your latest Sewing projects.

Have you used this knicker making set? Don't forget to leave a comment and check back soon to see my finished hand made underwear.

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