Thursday, 12 September 2013

Save money by making your own Birthday celebration cake

Save money learning how to make your own cakes for those special occasions.
Birthdays, anniversaries, you name it, this sponge cake is perfect to suit all occasions.

For my boys 1'st birthday party I wanted him to have a 2 tier mickey mouse cake, I knew someone that would do it for £50, but there was part of me that just wanted to make it myself.

I personally feel learning to bake is an essential must for all parents, as a child I loved baking cakes with my dad when I went to visit him on the weekends. They didn't look amazing, in fact they looked more like volcano cakes, but they were yummy to eat and it was so much fun spending time with him doing something we both enjoyed.

Researching for easy cake recipes online, I came across one that looked so simple, I knew I couldn't mess it up.

The cake is perfect as you have to bake it a couple of days in advance and it still keeps its fresh moist taste, giving you plenty of time to decorate it.
I crumb coated the cake in butter cream and coloured white fondant icing with food colouring gels. (Apart from the red and black as it's best to buy them ready made or they colours will be dull)

One thing I will say is make sure you get someone to lift the rolled fondant onto the cake as I kept poking my fingers through and had to re roll several times until I finally asked for help.
I Used an edible glue to stick the cut outs to the cake.

Save more money by looking online for cake tins and cutters rather than buying them from your local baking shop as they tend to be more expensive. I purchase a mickey cutter from eBay which I can use for making cookies.

You may feel that it is costing you lots for the first cake if you have to buy the tins and cutters, but don't forget these will last you for years to come,  there will be plenty of birthdays and special occasions requiring your delicious cake.
You can always ask any friends or relatives if they have cake tins you can borrow, that way you will save even more money.

This recipe creates such an excellent sturdy cake, it's great for carving and making castles and all sorts of shapes.

Click here for recipe and reviews: FOOLPROOF SPONGE CAKE

It was a few months ago now, but here is my little boy on his 1st birthday with his Mickey Mouse cake I made using the foolproof sponge recipe.

I wish you the best of luck creating your cake, and don't forget to leave links to images of your cake in the comments box.

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