Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wish List / Achieve Sept 2013

What do you lust for? Do you enjoy window shopping, or the easy joys of online shopping with many items at your fingertips?
I must admit, I do like having a browse online when I have some spare time.
Well, I have decided to do my wish lists combined with things I would like to achieve. It may be a goal that is ongoing, or perhaps one I can do before the month is over.

September 2013

Become more organised:
Do you find yourself unorganised? Darting from one room to the next, then forgetting what you were meant to be doing. This is my problem, unless I have a list to keep me focused.
This month I am to complete a structured Chore/ cleaning chart to help me stay organised around the home.
How do you keep your home organised? If you have an article on how you keep your house in good order, please leave a link in the comments box below.

Photography skills:
I'm going to challenge myself to take more creative photos, developing my skills overall. Hopefully you will see an improvement in my pictures soon.

Hair improvement:
Oh the vanity, I'm going to start doing articles on growing out my natural hair colour. I am a recovering hair dye-a-holic, this may be the only thing to keep me focused and stop putting drug store chemicals on my hair.
Obviously this will take a few years, so I am going to set some aims.
My first goal is to continue my super improved routine, then when my hair reaches a certain length, I can have a fringe cut.
If you have a post documenting your growing out, please leave a link in the comments box. It will be really appreciated.

Skirt - Develop sewing skills:
My all time favourite skirt has been stashed away in the drawer for well over a year now. I've owned it for about 4 years, I just can't seem to part with it. It's currently 3 sizes to small for me, the zip is broken, yet I still have it hung up.
I just love the shape of it, it was very flattering on me. Although it doesn't fit me I have kept it because I wanted to find a tailor that could recreate it for me. However, I have decided to dive in at the deep end, cut out the middle man (or lady) and make it myself.

No Spending:
Ok, so I can spend a little, I am going to find more fun things to do as a family. The aim is to find outings that cost very little or are hopefully free.

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