Sunday, 21 July 2013

DIY beauty and perfume shelf

Need more storage space?

Clearing out the loft I came across an old shelf, this was great as I needed more storage, especially as my beauty products were taking over the top of my chest of drawers.
But in my eyes, it was not seen as an ordinary shelf, it was the starting point for my new beauty project. I like to think of myself as a creative person, always being inspired by the simple things in life, below are some pictures of my finished DIY beauty / perfume shelf.
It took me about a day to make, as I could not find the chuck key to adjust the drill bits and it only had a masonry one in, also I had to wait for the paint to dry too.

I wanted to customise the shelf space to fit certain products on it, so this was a great way to do that, I drew it roughly on the backing board to use as a template, then got measuring, toned up my arms with the saw action, then used some long wood screws to secure the frame together.

Using small sample sized pots from B&Q I painted the frame gold, then a soft creamy colour on the front edges.
I also got a sample piece of wallpaper from B&Q and stuck this to the backing board, then used some small tack nails to keep it in place.
I wanted it mounted to the wall, so I put some brackets on the back.
Then finally got to use the drill, I marked where it would go, drilled the holes and put some wall plugs in, and then with the last 2 screws, up it went.
So I hope you like it, and if your inspired feel free to use my idea, but remember if you aren’t familiar with DIY projects that include using a saw and drill, ask someone else who does for help, as I don’t want you guys hurting yourself.

What’s on my beauty shelf?

I’ll quickly run over what’s on my beauty shelf:

Prada Candy Perfume 50ml

My favourite mac lipsticks

Soap and glory Mist you madly body spray 250ml

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